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Tiago had the opportunity to start his musical career at the age of 4, singing in children's productions, thanks to the influence of his grandfather, conductor Waldemiro Lemke. At the age of 14 he made his first professional recording as a guitarist and has never left the studios since.

As a composer and producer, Tiago participated in award-winning projects at festivals such as London International Awards, Paulista Columnists Award, Wave Festival in Rio and Cannes.


Tiago also works as a free-lancer song-writer, producer, guitarist and vocalist for the musical scene.

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and get to know some of my compositions.



Edu Luke - HEFTY

"When refined musicality, experience and high aesthetic sense are combined with a rare talent, we have Tiago Gamke. That is why for decades, I have maintained the good habit of counting on your luxurious assistance in my productions. "


Rodrigo Basso - Spell

"I am sure that aliens live with us on our little planet.

I became aware of this the first time I saw Gamke.

The guy has a voice from another world, vocal technique, a fantastic knowledge and perception of open voices and play's everything! Really complete. In my productions he is my first call, my Swiss army knife and to sum it all up he is a super smart, creative guy and owner of incredible originality. In short, from another world! "


Felipe Vassão - LOUD / Emicida

"Tiago is one of the most impressive singers I've ever worked with.

At a time when it is almost addiction to the market to auto-tune everything, I confess that I NEVER tuned a take of this guy. In short: it is in tune, sings with a footprint, timbre and good taste. "



me disseram assim

nicole monteiro

First single by prodigy singer and actress Nicole Monteiro.

Me disseram assim - Nicole Monteiro

my music

Click on the link to hear my music

and get to know some of my compositions.

Pr'eu lembrar de mim - Tiago Gamke

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